Scaling Deployments With Go Kubernetes Client

So you want to auto scale your deployments with Golang? I’ve written this post as I haven’t found any comprehensive guide on doing simple scaling from within Golang app. It utilizes Kubernetes client-go and Kubernetes apimachinery. Note that official documentation is great and can provide information that enable everyone to get up to speed easily.…

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Bash array as a Terraform list of strings input variable

So terraform supports string list assigment to new input variable but not the bash array format. But during the time of writing. Lets say that we have bash array like this one below BASH_ARRAY=( "a" "b" "c" ) And we want to pass the bash array to terraform variable declaration which is list of strings.…

Ruby WeakRef and running garbage collection in tests

Recently, I was working with Puppet gem internals. I’ve found that each manifest run, which idea is to manage some properties of system, creates transaction object. Transaction object holds infomation about desried system state. By extending Puppet provided codebase using plain Ruby, I’ve noticed an issue. There is no API for fetching and accessing one…

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